Taekwondo Belt System
Taekwondo Belt Promotion Test
Taekwondo Belt Ranking

Our Taekwondo belt system is consists of 5 colored belts, which represent your different grades. You have a Taekwondo belt promotion test every 3 months (March, June, September, and December). Below is the Taekwondo belt system you receive after your belt promotion and belt ranking.

Here are the Taekwondo Form (Poomse) requirements for your belt promotion test. Of course, there are other requirements also for you to perform, not just your forms.

Before your belt promotion test, I will give out your test paper in advanced for you to study in order for you to pass and advance.

Belt promotion represents advancements in your current rank and to show your developments towards black belt. When you reached black belt, your belt ranking will be totally different.

Here they are:

White Belt

White Middle

10th Gup

Tae Geuk II Chang

Yellow Belt

9th Gup

Tae Geuk II Chang

Yellow Middle

8th Gup

Tae Geuk Yi Chang

Green Belt

7th Gup

Tae Geuk Sam Chang

Green Middle

6th Gup

Tae Geuk Sa Chang

Blue Belt

5th Gup

Tae Geuk O Chang

Blue Middle

4th Gup

Tae Geuk Yook Chang

Red Belt

3rd Gup

Tae Geuk Chil Chang

Red Middle

2nd Gup

Tae Geuk Pal Chang

Red High

1st Gup

Tae Geuk Pal Chang

Black Belt Poomse Requirements

1st Dan


2nd Dan


3rd Dan


4th Dan


5th Dan


6th Dan


7th Dan

Cheon Kwon