Mays Landing NJ Martial Arts School Taekwondo-Self Defense

Welcome to Ultimate Martial Arts Academy, a martial arts school where you learn Taekwondo and self defense. You get an education in the martial arts and you get certify as a martial artist, with the best training possible. You build confidence and self esteem. You get quality training that meets your expectations.

As my student, you learn patience, discipline, respect, honor, good technique, history, love for your families and self defense at the same time.

As your instructor, my goal is to guide you to success and dedicate myself to your training and development to help you create a healthy and good life.

We specialize with children and teens. I conduct personalized classes and schedules are arranged conveniently. When we certify you as a black belt, you will receive the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) certification as well as Ultimate Martial Arts Association certification.

I am very happy to help you in any way. I wish you good health and happiness.

Grandmaster Parlagreco

Ultimate Martial Arts Academy Teaches Taekwondo in Mays Landing
Our martial arts program is very traditional in nature. What that means is we teach the authentic, genuine, effective and realistic way
Schedule Of Classes
Schedule of Classes From Monday to Friday
Grandmaster Parlagreco's Certifications
After Hard Training I Achieve My Certifications
Tenets of Taekwondo and Articles of Mental Training
Tenets of Taekwondo are important for developing mental discipline. List of 5 Taekwondo tenets and articles of mental training
Taekwondo Belt System, Taekwondo Belt Promotion Test, Taekwondo Belt Ranking
We follow this Taekwondo belt system for our Taekwondo belt promotion test to advance in their Taekwondo rankings
Black Belt Guidelines of Ultimate Martial Arts Academy
These Black Belt guidelines were created by Master Parlagreco for the Black Belts to follow in their daily lives
Sparring Rules
These sparring rules will be taught to you according to the Amateur Athletic Union
Self Defense Training
In self defense training, you will learn to defend yoursel if ever needed
Samurai Sword Training
Our most prestige weapon that we use is the Samurai Sword
Schedule of Holidays
Our School is Close on These Scheduled Holidays
Taekwondo Korean Martial Art
Taekwondo Is Not Just Punching and Kicking
Martial Arts Bow and its history
Martial arts bow has been practice to show respect and to signify the desire for peeace
Taekwondo Olympic Sport
How and when Taekwondo Olympic Sport started in the Olympics
Taekwondo Its Past
Taekwondo its past dates back several thousand years ago when there three kingdoms Goguryo, Baekje and Silla
Contact Us
To leave your feedbacks, comments, questions, concerns, etc, please contact us
References and Resources
Recommended reading materials from these references and resources
AAU Membership
AAU membership will give you secondary accident insurance during tournaments
7th Degree Thesis of Master Parlagreco
7th Degree thesis writing was one of the requirements in order to attain 7th Degree Black Belt